Thanks to Max Haiven, Cassie Thornton and the guys from PostFilia who organized the political imagination meeting at UNAM’s Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo.

After Wikipolítica’s failure in creating self-autonomous political grassroots, many of us have been more concerned about the highly important role that labor has for any mobilization attempt. At least for the long run, if a movement cannot work cooperatively — which means democracy in the workplace and common profit for the workers — all those capital asymmetries found in Tyranny of Structurelessness and Tyranny of Tyranny will remain. A couple of weeks before I quit the organization I spent my political attention to for the last 5 years, I went to the political imagination meeting and realized how so necessary is to get a political position. Calor Mutuo is a really great example of humble and compromise in the Mexican activism context and that’s why I decided to incubate Disonancias with them, my friends. This week I could finally order a little bit many of my thoughts on what is going on right now and which could be some options for us to do some real changes, so here we go. For me, Calor Mutuo is seeding a cooperative party for many reasons. We are creating processes and protocols so people can build social structures for fair shares and democracy and that will be part of the mainstream political agenda eventually, in no more than 3 years.

The idea of Cassie Thornton for the Hologram, a care network that provides support in the mental, social and physical dimensions in a dynamic of groups such as Sorority feminists, is one example of the kind of social interactions I refer to. I also discussed with Max Haiven about 3 models of growth for our small project: 1)scalability, that might become the model of capital intensive startups and remains as a capitalist vice, 2)replicability, which sounds as the cellular replication processes based on genetic information and a mix of natures and nurtures interactions with their environment, and 3)networking, a model based on creating the spaces for the cooperative movement efforts around México to meet with each other and create cooperative unions and self-organized purposes. Also, as a customer who is upbringing the transmedia Disonancias, is really hard not to feel desperate at some points, especially when we need to simulate that there are two positions as one for the customer and another for the business. I’ve been wondering if we need to think about some kind of Customer Service culture or maybe some more critical approach as care networks or active listening skills and empathy, which I find as more performative ways of understanding service. In the end, what scares me the most is the possibility of this movement to become a group of interest for cooperatives and not the cooperativization of people, the disarming of the neoliberal individual. If we were actually building a party that goes for the strategic branches of the economy to open them up, I would definitely go for the cyclist’s services, the Uber-like exploitation platforms and to create a goal for the circular economy, to think about (pos)industrial and ecological self-sustainable environments. I’m very interested in the restoration economy too. We can make a sustainable, long term plan to find paths for all these ways but we must be aware of every step we take and always go back and forth about theory and praxis, so we can now when is time to think about the general, the abstract goals, and then how we are going to implement those big ideas in the real concrete world.

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